Wednesday, July 12, 2006

trip photos

Before we left for the trip I wanted to get a lot of yard work done, and since I hadn't felt any discomfort and pain from the surgery for awhile, I did a lot. Too much. The morning of the departure I wasn't doing so well and by the time we made Albuquerque I was ready to turn around or go to the hospital. After a night's sleep I felt better and we pressed on, but this last week has been like recovering from surgery all over again. Dorothy says no more hard work, at least for awhile. Pity. ;)

We got as far as Amarillo before the storms began. It looked as if we were going to miss this one, but we didn't. Downpours off and on across New Mexico and Arizona.

We made pretty good time in spite of the rain. We left at 6:15am Thursday, spent the night in Albuquerque, and then arrived in Kingman, Az. on Friday at 3:30pm

Whenever I see this stretch of I-40 stretching across the valley and over the mountain, I know I'm close to Kingman.

A rainbow reveals itself as we drive across Golden Valley.

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