Saturday, August 05, 2006

green spaghetti

The other day, Marley, Hunter, and I made some spaghetti. We used my pasta machine again. I was trying to instruct them in the proper way of doing it, but Marley was either pulling the spaghetti out too soon or letting it pile up under the machine, and Hunter either turned the crank too fast, too slow or not at all. I guess I was getting too impatient because Marley asked it she and Hunter could finish by themselves.

I said, "No. This is a three person operation. I have to feed the dough, Hunter turns the crank, and you catch the spaghetti."
I continued with my instructions and then Hunter said, "Pops, can you go away?". Well, that brought me up short. I was letting my desire for order over ride their need to explore and have fun. So I just let happen whatever would happen. We even added some green food coloring to the dough. In the end we had some pretty tangled up spaghetti, but it cooked up good, and had a great color.


Lorna said...

Wow, not only an exemplary grandfather, but a self-examing man. You've got to be one of my heroes....

Sherrill said...

Would love to see photos of this one!