Friday, August 25, 2006

miscellaneous paraphernalia

I read a lot of blogs. I like to get a slice of life from each blogger I read. I will never live long enough to read all the books I want to read, absorb the information I crave, or experience all the things others have done. But, I can learn a lot from my blogger friends who continually amaze me with their thoughts and actions. Here are two blog posts that I've read recently that have been thought provoking: Driftwood Inspiration, and Maya's Granny.

This morning at 8am I picked my grandson Hunter up at the church office where my daughter Kelly works part time. We went to yard sales looking for books to resell online, then to the Piece of Cake to see Grandma. One of the books I bought had this photo inside:

Rather artistic, don't you think? You never know what you'll find in a book.

When we returned home this afternoon, Dorothy spotted this kitten inside my table saw. I grabbed my camera for a lucky shot.


Lorna said...

I guess chainsaws would never start themselves up?

wally said...

It's not likely that this saw would have started by itself. I would hope that if I was going to use it, the activity involved in setting up a cut would scare the kitten out. But who knows?