Saturday, September 30, 2006


I've had two allergy attacks in the last two weeks, but I think I've finally found the culprit. Dorothy and I regularly walk at the Westville walking track and Wednesday evening as we were walking along I noticed that the adjacent field was spectacularly in bloom with Ragweed. We cut the walk short but Thursday morning I woke up hoarse, Friday it hurt to breathe and I couldn't walk very far without being totally winded. I'm learning to pay attention to my environment and avoid potential problems. I even bought a respirator to wear while mowing the lawn. I'm anxiously awaiting the first frost.
There's a walking trail in Siloam Springs that I used Tuesday and it was great. Walking along this trail is a meditation and reminds me to be thankful for retirement and the leisure to enjoy it.

The trail ambles by the Simmons Foods home office.

Thursday, I helped Kelly with the kids at the dentist office afterwards we met Dorothy at Mcdonald's for lunch.

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Envoy-ette said...

How wonderful you are able to enjoy walks and grandkids! I can't wait till Hubby retires...but I wouldn't want the ragweed problems. I'm with you..come on frost!