Sunday, September 10, 2006

new kitchen color

Dorothy wanted a new look for the kitchen so she went to Lowe's and got a very light green for the walls and she painted the cabinets a cream color. As you can see the shade of green is very close to white, so she went back and had them add just a hint more of green.

On the way we stopped at the community center at Tahlequah. They were having a rummage sale and I picked up a dozen books.

This is the shade of green she ended up with. She can't decide if it's too bright or not. If it is she'll back at Lowe's tomorrow. Of course, they were kind enough to change the color of the paint at no charge.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she painted and already has things back on the wall!!

wally said...

I think she on the verge of applying a glaze over that so all that stuff may be taken down tomorrow morning, the glaze applied and be back up by tomorrow night.

Dawn said...

I like the green - it is soothing. I'll be interested to see what the glaze does to it.