Monday, September 18, 2006

We went to the Cherokee Nation complex in Tahlequah today to get new tags for Dorothy's car. She's 1/4 Cherokee and qualifies for car tags from the Nation.
We're proud of her Indian heritage and support the tribe any way we can.

While she was in the tag office I took some photos.

The street signs at the complex and downtown Tahlequah are printed in the Cherokee using their alphabet, then in phonetically spelled english alphabet, and of course, in english.
Dorothy sat in every chair in the furniture store in her quest to find the perfect one. I suggested she take my recliner and I'd buy a new one for myself, but she turned down the offer. Before we left Tahlequah we did our morning walk around the city park.

Over the footbridge and we'll be done.


Dawn said...

Reading your blog makes me smile - I enjoy the "simple" life you are leading.

Betty said...

Very interesting blog. For some reason, though, I had the idea that the various languages were not written. Don't know where I got that, but I'd like to see those street signs, etc.

wally said...

The Cherokees were the only North American Indian tribe with a written language.

Lorna said...

Nice hat, Dorothy. You look very elegant in the recliner.