Friday, May 02, 2008


These are pictures of trees blown down last night in Siloam Springs. There were 6 people killed by this storm statewide

When a tree blew over it took off the back of this house and the roots lifted the front of the truck parked under the carport.


Lorna said...

Those photos are shocking---more so because of the peaceful context

ml said...

Wally: These are great pictures. I wonder what they mean? That our climate is changing, with more extreme weather? Or just par for the course this time of year for your region?
And thanks for your two book reviews, both short, personal, and cogent. Perfect!
I'm linking to the one above for my next blog entry.

wally said...

ml: We haven't seen storms this severe in more than twenty years. There seems to be a change in the climate. Whether it's a normal fluctuation that occurs over decades or gobal warming remains to be seen.