Saturday, May 03, 2008

what i'm reading now

Mary Lee Coe Fowler, the author of the blog Full Fathom Five, has written a book by the same name. And a good book it is. In her memoir of a search for information about her dad, a submarine commander who was lost at sea during WWII, she gives a well researched account of submarine warfare in the South Pacific. By interviewing surviving submariners and delving into the military archives, American and Japanese, she puts together the life story of the hero unknown to her during her formative years. Only after the death of her mother does Mary Lee realize the love shared by her parents, and the courage and determination of her father. I read many books and occasionally a gem comes along that makes me say wow! This is one of them. You can buy it at

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ml said...

Thanks Wally, for bringing my dad back to life on your blog! Your thoughts do him honor.