Thursday, June 23, 2011


If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

--Red Green

Our washing machine stopped working. My first thought was, "Oh boy!".  I enjoy trouble shooting machines to learn the problem and then making the repair.  The washer started the cycle just fine but when it came to the rinse and spin cycles it just stopped. My first thought was maybe the timer went out but if that was so then  it shouldn't have been able to fill with water and agitate.  So, I decided to check the lid switch. The lid switch turns the machine off whenever the lid is lifted during the rinse and spin cycle.

I removed the cabinet and found that the lid switch was broken and part of it was laying on top of the tub.

I used 14 ga. wire to fasten the two parts of the switch together as you can see in this photo. I used my meter to test the continuity and the switch actually worked.

I reinstalled the switch, put the cabinet back on the machine, and the washer worked good as new with no money spent for a repair man or parts.


Lorna said...

Truly manly. And thrifty.

dawn said...

OK Wally, now head on over to my home and fix my dryer. Gas dryer that won't ignite the gas to get the dryer hot.

wally said...

Dawn: If I lived close by I would come over and check it out.

S. Davis said...