Monday, June 06, 2011

misinformed quote of the day

"He who warned, uh, the,  the  British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms, uh,  by ringing those bells.... and uh  making sure.... as he's riding his horse through town... to send those warning shots.. and bells that, uh we were going to be secure... and we were going to be free.

--Sarah Palin

Warned the British?
Ringing bells?
Warning shots?

Bonus misinformed quote of the day:

"I know my American history."

--Sarah Palin

Sad note:  Fans of Sarah Palin were actually attempting to edit Wikipedia's page on Paul Revere to change the web site's narrative to agree with Palin's.


lucylocket said...

I saw the video of her version of Mr. Revere's ride, er, bell ringing, er, warning shots. At first I laughed like a loon. It was really a little pathetic. Most third graders have heard of the ride of Paul Revere. What's really scary is that some people still think she is presidential material.

Steven said...

I looked at the video and watched making a fool of herself. Sad.
What's sad is that there are people, normal looking people, who would vote this lady into office if they could.
And these fans of hers, who number in the millions; who will they attach themselves to once she peaks (again)and disappears?
Here is another view on the same subject...

Lorna said...

Entirely scary, yet amusing.

wally said...

The scary part is that so many Americans actually see her as presidential material.