Thursday, June 09, 2011

new trail to the creek

For several years whenever the grand kids wanted to go swimming in the creek I took them to places other than my own property because over time the trail to the water has become overgrown..  The storms from this spring have created a gravel bar and swimming holes that are just too beautiful not to use so this morning I started a project to clear the way.  Here are some photos:

                                                            Here's the overgrown trail.

Making progress

Looking back up toward the truck.  Almost done.

       Now we have access to this swimming hole.

I found these wild flowers


Lorna said...

Have I mentioned before how idyllic your life seems?

wally said...

It's a simple life but one that I am grateful to be living.

Anonymous said...

The simple life is great!!

Tony Slay said...

That looks very nice cousin but the fishing is better here in Idaho.

S. Davis said...

another excellent!