Sunday, June 18, 2006

At Graceland, we asked some employees who had the best barbeque in Memphis. They recommended A&R. It was just up the street on Elvis Presley Ave. so that's where we ate lunch. If you're ever in Memphis don't miss this restaurant.

These pulled pork sandwiches (with slaw between the buns with the meat) were some of the best food we ate on the trip. I had a hot link sandwich which also came with slaw. We took a fried pie and some butter cookies with us to eat on the road.


Lorna said...

I was SO with you up to the pulled pork sandwich...I just had to take a Nutrition workshop for Cholesterol Management and some of it musst have taken.

Dawn said...

It looks good - when you're on vacation, calories, fat, cholesterol don't count! What is a fried pie?

wally said...

A fried pie is dough folded over a fruit filling (like a tart) and fried in oil. very good. Dorothy makes them better than those we ate.