Thursday, June 08, 2006


  • I cooked lunch today. I made Kung Pao Chicken so I had the opportunity to go to the garden and pick a bell pepper and a few young onions. It came out pretty good. I always do a Google search for a recipe I want to fix and I choose the one with the least ingredients and a degree of difficulty no higher than 3 (on a scale of 1-10). I thought it was as good as any I've eaten at a Chinese restaurant. Dorothy agreed. Of course, she loves any meal that she doesn't have to cook herself.
  • I've used this blog before as a soapbox to rant about certain pet peeves; cell phones being one of them. I don't like to see people driving and talking on the cell phone. When I get a call while driving, I pull over. I have to get out of the vehicle to get the dang thing out of my pocket. Last night I was glad my grand daughter Tara had a phone with her. She and a friend (the friend was driving) went to Tulsa (80mi away) to pick someone up at the airport. Tara called me and told me they were lost. They took the wrong freeway at some point and didn't know how to get back to the airport. I kept her on the phone and talked them back onto the freeway and through two interchanges until they could see the airport exit sign. So I was glad we could communicate so readily. I would hate for two young girls to get off the interstate on the wrong side of town. This is out of character for me, but, thank God for cell phones.


Dawn said...

Cell phones are good when they are used for the purpose for which your granddaughter used it, but most times they are just a distraction for drivers. Too many times I've had people drive right through stop signs at which I've had the right of way.

Another PO Retiree said...

I think you are probably in very good company, not to mention a "highly populated company", to be concerned about cell phone use. That being said, I don't leave home without mine. I live alone in a sparsely populated area (by choice, I am a hermit!), but I am also a realist. Particularly at night I always tell friends if they have not heard from me within a certain amount of time after I've left them, to please try to call me or to look for me. Mostly this comes up in the dead of winter, but as I tolerate heat and humidity less well as I age, it can also be a summer request. It just makes sense to me. Some of the roads I drive will not have another soul on them for many hours (sometimes days), and why should anyone have to find an already decaying body, when it is so easy to simply check on each other.