Thursday, June 01, 2006

tv is not for me

Have you seen those commercials where the guardian angel is distracted and lets the person whom he's suppose to protect fall out of an airport jet bridge, go over a cliff attempting to hang glide, etc? I'm sure that's meant to be amusing, but I don't find injury to be funny at all. For example, those funny home video shows have more than their share of people flying over the handle bars of motorcycles, falling off roofs, getting entangled in the trampoline springs or missing the jumping surface altogether and hitting the ground. Everyone gets a big laugh. The tape usually stops just after the incident. I always imagine that had the camcorder continued to record, we would see the paramedics arrive and cart the poor soul off to the hospital. People getting injured is not funny, nor is the stupidity that caused them to act in a way that was very dangerous for them.

Other shows I can't watch are of the medical/crime scene investigation genre. When I see a huge needle being jabbed into a person's chest, the top of a skull being power sawed and lifted like a lid to reveal gray matter, limbs separated from the body, or people impaled by pipes like a human shiskabob, I pick up a book or get on the computer. Why not just change the channel? Because Dorothy loves those shows.


Lorna said...

Great ending---I'm with you on the injury videos, but for some reason, CSI just dosn't seem to bother me. Except in a good way.

lucylocket said...

He watches tv downstairs; I watch upstairs. He watches sports, westerns, and "Dog, the Bounty Hunter;" I watch crime dramas, BBC America, and old movies. I detest reality shows. He could never figure out why I watch really gory stuff, but not "Cops." I realize crime drama is fiction. I have no desire seeing real people at the nadirs of their existence or showing to millions their baser instincts on shows like "Survivor" in pursuit of money and/or their 15 minutes of fame.

I"m glad to see Hunter is well, but I bet that hurt like heck. Little ones are tough!

Envoy-ette said...

I agree Wally. I can't watch those shows either...or the ones like Fear Factor where they eat...something that shouldn't be eaten! I'm tuning into the shows from my youth more and more. Brady Bunch, Taxi, Barney Miller, Happy Days. They are timeless and priceless!