Monday, June 05, 2006


I was attempting to watch the news this evening when Dorothy asked me to show her how to operate the electric hedge clippers. They are the same clippers we gave Kelly for her birthday last month and we're borrowing them to do do our own shrubney.

I went outside and gave her a detailed demonstration of how to prune a bush. I started at the bottom, holding the trimmers at a just so angle. Changed the angle for the middle of the bush and showed her how to taper toward the top for an almost perfect globe shape. She took the clippers and proceeded to trim the shrub with a technique completely different from what I showed her.

Why do women do that? Why do they ask a man for advice only to do the opposite? Is that their way of eliminating at least one plan of action that's sure to be faulty? I didn't ask her any of those questions. In fact, I didn't say anything at all. I just went back to my recliner and finished watching the news.


lucylocket said...

You (men) give us more information that we (women)want or need. When I ask "how", I simply want to know how to turn tools on and off and what's the worst thing that can happen when I am using said tools.
How did the bushes look after she finished?

wally said...

I stand properly corrected and admonished. How did they look? She did a great job, look at the picture above.