Sunday, September 11, 2005

4th week report

Here I am at the end of four weeks of retirement. I have to admit that a wee bit of ennui has set in. I've enjoyed the lack of routine and just letting each day unfold and just drifting in the wind like a feather, but I may have to add a little structure to my days.

Dorothy and I are walking at the track in Westville three days a week and we're trying to add a little distance each time. Our Sunday School teacher is convalescing from by-pass surgery so I took a turn teaching the class today and that involved a lot of study this past week. Tomorrow I'm going to start cutting down trees and cleaning up the fence rows around the property. I'll cut up the big pieces for firewood and run the rest through a chipper/shredder and use the resulting mulch in the flower beds.

I'm going to start painting tomorrow afternoon. I did a pencil sketch on a canvas and now I'm ready to apply paint. The subject is one of the canals of Venice.

We've got to start getting ready for a trip to California next month. We're just going to meander out there, stopping at every attraction that catches our fancy. I'll take lots of pictures to post here upon our return. I'm hoping my two daughter will take turns as guest bloggers while I'm gone.

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