Friday, September 02, 2005

signs of aging

Dorothy and I have a walking program and I thought that after 21 years of walking a postal route I would have to pace myself in order for her to keep up with me, but it's the opposite. I'm having to push to keep up with her. I didn't realize I had slowed down so much. Of course, I'm 60yrs old and she's just a 55 year old youngster.

A few days ago my son-in-law Burk pointed out the fact that the car tags on my truck had expired. The sticker said Oct 04. They couldn't be expired; I'll get a sticker next month that shows 05. Then I saw other cars that had Oct 05 stickers on and some already had 06 stickers. Somebody must have stolen my sticker right off the license plate! Yesterday I was rummaging through the glove box of my truck and guess what I found. Yes, the sticker I bought last September was still in there. I've gone a year without affixing it to my plate and have never been stopped by the police. They must have their minds on other, more important things, like donuts.

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