Thursday, September 08, 2005

down hill from here

This morning I started a project of cutting down Mulberry saplings and young trees that have grown up around our garden. I tried to start the chainsaw but I couldn't even get a spark from it. I cleaned the spark plug and adjusted the gap, but no luck. Dorothy said we will probably have to have it tuned up. "No," I said, "we just had that done a few months ago." She said it was probably more like two years ago. So to prove her wrong I got out the check book and searched for the entry that would indicate when the work was done. I went back a year and a half and found nothing. She was right (unless we paid cash). Instead of this blog being a chronicle of my growth as a human who is realizing his potential after retirement, it may turn out to be a record of my descent into dementia. Dang!


Envoy-ette said...

I'm finding out my family is different. We are happy! I wish more people out there had what we do.

wally said...

Actually, Dorothy and I are happy. Probably more right now than ever. The post was written tongue in cheek.

lucylocket said...

I have realized that as my huband and I get older, time sort of compresses. When the washer broke down, he said that it was only a couple of years old. Actually, it's more like 4 years old.