Tuesday, September 27, 2005

katrina volunteers

Dorothy and I worked as volunteers today at the Arkansas Baptist Assembly, helping the evacuees to make arrangements to leave the camp for a new life. Some have secured jobs and housing in the area and have decided to start a new life in Northwest Arkansas. Others are determined to return to New Orleans. We were assigned jobs in the information office and thought we would have an easy day. Actually, we were so busy we didn't have time to go to lunch. The fax machine clicked and buzzed all day as faxes were received and sent. There was never ending traffic at the information window as evacuees requested and submitted their exit forms. The copy machine received a good workout too. I worked the computer doing data base searches for evacuees that were out of touch with their families. I printed notices for the bulletin board and filed paper work. Dorothy was busy receiving and sending faxes to and from FEMA and family members inquiring about the guests. It was a fast paced day and slipped by us before we knew it. The "guests" that we talked with were very friendly and cooperative; much more than I would be under the circumstances. We'll be going back next week to help out again.

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