Monday, September 19, 2005

a full monday

I've been busy all day. Dorothy and I went this morning to the 1 mile walking track at Maryetta School in Stilwell and walked around one time. Then up to Siloam Springs and picked up Hunter to take care of him while Kelly went to a doctor appointment. We met a real estate agent at a house on Nokes Farm road to check out a house for Dorothy's brother. It was a very nice house; we took pictures. Then Dorothy had an appointment with a doctor. She was bitten my a Brown Recluse(fiddleback) spider. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics. Dorothy was worried that her skin was going to rot off, but the doctor said that was a rare occurence. The bite is on her chest just below her collar bone. I wanted to take a picture and post it on this blog but she refused; in fact she acted rather insulted about it.

note: Marley's school has Watch Dog program where dad 's, uncles, or grandfathers volunteer to be a positive male presence on school campus, helping in class and outside class, making sure no unauthorized people are loitering around the school, etc. Her dad can't take off work for it, and Kelly suggested asking her uncle Slade. Marly said, "I'll just ask Pops. He doesn't have anything to do for the rest of his life".

note: Kelly bought Hunter (2-1/2) a Superman costume for Halloween. He ran up and down the hall a few times trying to achieve liftoff and then said, "This don't work. It don't fly". So they took it back to Walmart and got him a Buzz Lightyear costume.


Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha, "it doesn't work", that is precious. It is lovely to hear what a 2 year old believes. You may have "nothing to do with the rest of your life", but Marly wants you at her school so that certainly says how much she loves you.

lucylocket said...

Marley's comment shows the huge difference in perspectives between the young and the not-so-young. I bet you thought you were living a rich, full retirement life with your art, your reading, your physical regimen, your travel plans, and the tasks of everyday living. The school program could be an enlightening experience, and it's lovely that she wants you to participate.