Wednesday, October 27, 2004

a serious note

Let's get serious for a moment, shall we? I have a low threshold for absurdity, and the most absurd thing I've heard lately is the news story from Tulsa about a six year old boy who was attacked by a pit bull and was not allowed into the house by the dog owner because the child was bleeding. He remained outside and was attacked two more times until the police arrived and put down the dog, then took the boy to the hospital where he was treated for bites (1,000 stitches), broken facial bones, and the loss of part of an ear.
Why do people own these dogs? I've delivered mail for 20 years and can speak from personal experience about the nature of dogs. (and dog owners). I've been told that pit bulls are gentle and loving dogs. My reply is: When you decided to buy a gentle, loving dog for your kids, a pit bull was the first breed to come to your mind? I don't believe it. People want pit bulls for their aggressive nature. People assure me that their dog is different. It won't bite. It's docile. I ask them what they've done to overcome generation after generation of breeding for the aggressive traits for which they're known. Dog owners usually cannot answer that question, because they do nothing to train the dog. I've never seen a dog owner who was capable of gaining control of his dog once an attack has started.
Here are some reasons not to own a pit bull:
  1. The likelihood of a tragedy. Do you really want to risk injury to another person (especially a child)? Do a Google search on pit bulls if you think that attacks are only rare occurrences.
  2. Financial liability. If your dog injures someone you are responsible. A trip to the emergency room will cost $1,000.00+; a lawsuit hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your homeowners insurance will not cover an aggressive breed of dog. (ask your agent)
Well, that's my opinion for the day. If you disagree, feel free to click on the comment link and express your opinion. It will be promptly deleted, unread.


The_thinker_82 said...

How will you know to delete it because they disagree if you don't read it? :)

Sorry, it's late and I'm bored, thought I'd be a smart arse. I agree with you 100% on the dog issue. I hate the 'he's a big softy really' line as you're being dragged to the floor screaming.

Anonymous said...

I agree!