Thursday, April 20, 2006

better every day

I'm actually at the keyboard. I'm walking around, albeit bent over. A little dizzy. I had pancakes for breakfast, vegetable beef soup for lunch, and it's going to be meat loaf, peas and carrots and mashed potatoes for dinner so I'm doing well in the digestion department. I'm taking my pain medication at longer and longer intervals. When I get up I carry my tummy around the house like a bowling ball. I think I need one of those slings hippies use to carry their babies.

Dorothy's been giving me excellent care. I may want to prolong this for awhile.


Lorna said...

I'm relieved that it's going so well for you. I imagine that you are too. I've got such a picture of Dorothy and a Q-tip left over from your last post

lucylocket said...

Glad you're back and doing well.