Tuesday, April 04, 2006

it's come down to words

Today my digital camera quit communicating with my computer. I've ran all the online diagnostic tests to no avail. It just quit. That means I can't fill in all the empty space on this blog with pictures. I'll have to resort to words.

I removed all the kitchen cabinet doors and Dorothy is now sanding them in preparation for paint. They've been natural varnished wood for the last 25 years, and now it's time for change.

My tiller is in the shop being repaired. As soon as I get it back I'll be tilling the soil and planting the first garden in a long time. The last few years of my work life I was just too tired to manage it. Now it's time for a big garden with home grown tomatoes (I can smell those vines now), potatoes, squash, corn, beans, and I'm going to grow a giant pumpkin for Marley and Hunter's Halloween.

I'm still awaiting the results of an abdominal ultrsound. I guess I'll have to call the doctor since it looks like he's not going to call me. I'm trying to get to the cause of this lack of energy. Surely it's not because I'm getting old. It has to be something else.


Anonymous said...

I will come and take pictures for you. I can't wait to get some homegrown tomatoes. Kelly

lucylocket said...

Lack of energy? My Heavens, you're a firefighter, web page designer, helipad maker, and house remodeler.
You volunteer at school, paint, travel, read, and spend lots of time with your grandchildren (that in itself takes lots of energy). If you had any more energy, you would be a whirling dervish! I hope the ultrasound turns out okay! Keep us posted.

Dawn said...

I worked in a Dr.'s office, trust me, do call the Dr. They do forget, or more likly the fax from the ultrasound office never came through, no one thought to check on it...you get the picture.