Sunday, April 23, 2006

making progress2

Last night as bedtime approached my back was hurting, so I decided to take some pain medication and spend one more night in the recliner. I woke up at 430am with the bad taste of the drugs in my mouth. I was groggy. I don't mind being sleepy but groggy from drugs? No thanks. I'm afraid I'd make a poor drug addict. I hauled myself out of the big chair, groped my way down the hallway to the bathroom, that done, I made my way back to the bedroom where I gingerly eased myself into bed next to Dorothy. She was so warm, so soft, and smelled so good! "What's going on?" she asked as I made myself comfortable. "I've spent my last night in the recliner." I replied. "Oh, Ok." she said.

I think I've passed another milestone on the road to recovery.

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