Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm back, sort of

Dorothy is at the keyboard while I'm dictating this post from the comfort of my recliner. I am getting around fine, just a little sore. I get up and walk around every few hours just like the doctor ordered. I am eating well, lots of jelly beans, crackers, and I've been eating soup. This afternoon Dorothy made some of her world famous sugar cookies and they sure were good. I can't sit too, close to the table so crumbs drop to the floor for Lizzie. Dorothy was removing my bandages today and a cracker crumb fell into my navel. She had to fish it out with a Q tip. The pain medicine makes me groggy so I'm getting in lots of dream time. We're already planning our next night out at a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

You must be on some good medicine. You are telling too much!! Kelly

Morgan Wolf said...

Hi Wally and Dorothy,

I'm so glad to know the procedure went well and that Wally is on the mend. That's an amusing adventure scenario you're describing: the hunt for crumbs in the navel. Film at 11:00? :)

Warm (and cheeky) regards,
Morgan, who is still packing for Sunday's move, which will happen in the pouring rain. Naturally.