Thursday, April 06, 2006

the day's activities

Dorothy's in the kitchen sanding the cabinets. I removed the doors, hinges, and pull knobs. She'll be painting them soon. If I can get a camera I'll post some pictures.

This morning I got caught up at the fire station. I've uploaded all this year's run reports to the national data base.
I went to town and picked up my tiller, brought it home and tilled a few rows. By Saturday I hope to have some potatoes in the ground. I'm behind planting schedule.

Tonight is our monthly fire department meeting. I'll be giving a report on the last month's fire fighting activities. I'll also update everyone on the training that needs to be accomplished by the end of this fiscal year to be in compliance with FEMA.

I heard from the doctor. Looks like gallstones. I have an appointment next week to discuss what we're going to do about it.

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Dawn said...

Gallstones - not a bad illness if you have to have one.