Sunday, April 09, 2006

i worked on saturday!

I shouldn't have said it. I no sooner staked a claim for Saturdays and then I broke my own rule. Yesterday we had a county wide trash off. That happens once a year and you can take all the junk that's been accumulating at your house to a central location where the county either burns it or takes it to a landfill. We took two truck loads. Where does that stuff come from? Does it breed in the dark recesses of your shed, or pop up like mushrooms? We took old rusty fence wire, pieces of pipe, old broken toys, dilapidated lawn furniture.
I asked Dorothy to help me load an old door that had been leaning against the shed for far too long.
"No, I'm going to decorate the yard with that?"
"Huh?", I replied.
"Yes, I'm going to lean it against the maple tree and grow vines on it."
"Ok", I told her. "I'll haul an old truck in here, take the wheels off, and set it on blocks in the front yard. We'll call it Okie Motif."
She ignored me.
The door is still leaning against the shed.


Sandie said...

OMG........I can't stop laughing on that one.
WTG DOrothy and really nice try Wally. If it is any comfort Wally, I can see just what Dorothy has planned in my inds eye. We girls have a knack for that.
Thanks for a good laugh.

Dawn said...

At least you don't have a barn full of "yard decorations" like my folks do. Every year I try to get them to put it out for heavy trash, every year they tell me someone might need that 1962 water heater, or the wheelbarrow with only one arm, etc.