Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update on Wally

This is Wally's wife Dorothy with an update on his condition. The nurses had a very hard time getting the I.V. in. Our friend and anesthesiologist Rich came to the rescue. In no time at all he did it with ease. Our daughter Kelly and our Sunday School Teacher came to sit with me during the procedure. Wally was in the operating room less than an hour. The doctor said everything went very well.
Back in his room they had him hooked up to a blood pressure monitor. It was saying 193/99. The nurses were a little concerned and wants him to check with his doctor. But it went down when they let him put his undershorts back on.
All and all he is now on the mend.
On Easter Sunday Wally was telling our daughter,Rachel, to be aware of the fact that the same symptoms they have shared over the years may be her gallbladder,too. Well, she had an attack last night so bad that it sent her to the doctor today. He said it sounded like a classic sign of a gallbladder attack. Now she thinks her dad jinxed her. Her dad apologized to her for passing on that particular gene.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the update - we were worried about him.
As for passing unwanted genes to your child - every parent does it. My mom passed her bunions to me, I've passed my bad teeth to my son. It just means you'll think of mom/dad everytime that body part gives you trouble!

lucylocket said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing okay. The method for lowering his blood pressure sure beats taking medication.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the post Mom! You may have to start your own soon. After the underwear story, Dad will probably never let you post on his again.