Thursday, April 20, 2006

once again

I was just walking past the computer on my semi-hourly walk prescribed by the doctor. Thought I would stop and say howdy. I ran out of jelly beans. I was doing fine until that happened. Then gas started rolling around inside me; it was quite painful. Dorothy doesn't believe there's a connection but I'm a firm believer in jelly bean therapy. She's going to have to make an emergency run. When I'm completely recovered I'm going to write a treatise on the medicinal use of jelly beans and send it to the Mayo Clinic. It may be the next revolutionary scientific breakthrough!


Dawn said...

Have the Dr. write you a RX for the jelly beans, they sound like a miracle cure. Test you theory - have your daughter try them for her attacks.

lucylocket said...

When writing your jelly bean treatise, maybe you should have an addendum describing the curative properties of chocolate kisses with caramel centers for that nasty cough you had a while ago.

wally said...

Dawn: I think I will suggest it to Rachel. She has her ultasound Monday so surgery shouldn't be too far behind.

Lucy: Now that you've pointed that out I'm beginning to wonder if I lean a little too heavily toward candy as medicine. Surely not.