Thursday, October 27, 2005


We filled up in Bullhead City, AZ so we could pass up those stations in Needles, CA that were selling gas for $3.49 per gallon. We left I-40 at Mountain Springs Road and drove through Amboy, population 8. The lady at the post office told us the town had recently been sold for $400,000 to a man who intends to turn it into a fifties style tourist attraction. The motel in the photo has been featured in many movies. I always like to come this way and take a break from the interstates. The traffic picture is I-10 as we passed through San Bernardino. It was like this everywhere we went in California no matter what time of day. When we pulled onto I-10 just west of Palm Springs it was eight lane madness until we finally left the state a week and a half later.

We visited Dorothy's family in Claremont. Dorothy's brother Bill holding the Chihuahua, his son Jack, wife Karon, and of course, Dorothy.

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