Friday, October 14, 2005

White Elephant

Last night was my monthly Bunco night. Since it was October we were to dress up and the gift to bring was white elephant. Being 4 ½ months pregnant and having a long day I opted out of wearing a costume. But I had my gift ready. It came time to exchange gifts. One by one the gifts were opened while everyone else watched. The gifts were nice fall decorations, candles, etc. This is not my idea of white elephant. I kept thinking someone is going to be so disappointed. I opened mine; it was nice fall kitchen towels. I almost felt bad keeping them! Finally someone chose the gift I brought. It was a crocheted cow that was not sold in our last yard sale! Everyone got a good laugh. Next time I will ask exactly what they mean by white elephant!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Yours was truly the correct white elephant gift. I like to participate in those - then you can really see what people think are tacky and what some people think are "cute".