Thursday, October 13, 2005

Parents Gone Wild

Well, it has been two days since our parents have contacted us. The agreement was that they could go on vacation alone, but they must keep in contact with their children...DAILY. So, needless to say they are in BIG trouble when they finally decide to check in. Is it so much to ask to take a 5 min. break from all of the gambling, partying, fun & frolic to let your children know that you are still alive and haven't been kidnapped,highjacked or worse yet, just plain ran away from all of us.
So, Dad if you are out there somewhere and can read this, Call us and let us know you are both okay!


Anonymous said...

Dorothy and Wally Spotting: I spoke to Wally on the cell and he was at a YARD SALE in Claremont! He said they're heading north tomorrow morning. Pat Emery

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Kelly