Tuesday, October 04, 2005

more volunteer work

I'm tired. Dorothy and I just got home from the Arkansas Baptist Assembly where we we're helping with the Katrina evacuees. We worked the computers searching the internet data bases for missing relatives of the evacuees. We also drove around the camp on an all terrain vehicle delivering messages to the residents. It was just like delivering the mail, except I drove and Dorothy hopped out and delivered the messages. Some of the kids kept hitching rides on the back. They said they needed to go somewhere, but I think they just wanted to ride. Just 11 more days and the camp will be empty. All the people who haven't relocated or found jobs in this area will be sent back to Ft. Chafee where the facilities are better suited to cold weather.

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Sherrill said...

I'd hoped to see you two yesterday, but guess we were on different shifts. I went out at 8am.