Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hello Blog world.
As you know my Wonderful grandparents are on vacation and it is left up to my Aunt and Mom to keep you all informed and updated. But i'm giving them a break and you a break as well. So I decided to update my grandfathers blog today. I'm Samantha Marveggio, I share the middle slot with Marley though i am11 years older than her.

Two weekends ago was my Junior Homecoming and those are some pictures from it.
My Grandparents are doing fine on their trip and should be home sometime this coming weekend. I'm sure you all will be glad to hear from my Grandpa again. My mom and I have recieved postcards from them, which are quite funny. I will have to post them sometime later. I miss them and can't wait for them to return home.


Dawn said...

Wow, your grandfathe brags about you, but he has not done you justice. You look absolutely stunning in your dress. I hope you had fun.
By the way, I am only able to post on your grandfathers and your entries. for whatever reason, when your mom and aunt post I can't get into the comment section. Let them know they are doing a great job as sub-bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Sam thanks for the help! You are beautiful!! Aunt Kelly