Friday, October 14, 2005

Out of the Mouth of Marley

We were running late this morning and I did not get a lunch packed for myself or Marley. I decided to pick her up from school and take her out to chinese for lunch. At the buffet she wanted to fix her own plate. To the dismay of people like Aunt Rachel I let my 5 year old fix her own plate! But I do keep a close eye on her. No fingers in the food. I kept asking if she needed help. She finally told me "Mom I am a big girl. I have self-control so I can be healthy." If only her mother had the same self-control!
Today Marley and Hunter received dinosaur post cards from Nan and Pops. I checked the mail and just handed Marley her postcard without saying who it was from. She took one look and said "Don't people know that girls don't like dinosaurs." I thought she would be happy she got mail!

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