Friday, November 25, 2005

black friday

We were up at 2:45 am getting ready for the Black Friday shopping frenzy, when Dorothy told me I could stay home if I wanted to. It was to be my first experience in this annual ordeal, but Dorothy spared me in an act of love and devotion, or perhaps, like a military commander, seeing the fear in a soldiers eyes, left me behind for the sake of the mission.

I prefer to do my shopping online. No lines, no frustration. I just hope Dorothy and Kelly don't injure themselves or anyone else today.


Dawn said...

Normally I am one who gets up early to check out the deals even though I do my shopping on line. It is actually fun and I don't normally like shopping. Hpefully you wife and Kelly got the goods they were looking for.

Anonymous said...

I missed one gift I wanted to get because Dad wasnt there to stand in line at one store while I was at the other!!! Kelly

Envoy-ette said...

You know..I have missed Black Friday for the last 16 years! I feel cheated....though less bruised because of it.