Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Yesterday a massive storm dumped snow across the prairies, but northeast Oklahoma received only flurries. You had to look real hard to see the white specks swept along by the wind. For years I've dreaded the yearly snows. Working as a letter carrier necessitated driving along slippery roads to work and along the mail route during the day. When I was younger I didn't mind the cold so much but in recent years I would be chilled to the bone. Sometimes I would eat lunch in the truck and stay cold because it was just too hard to warm up after spending time in a warm restaurant. But now that's all behind me. I'm looking forward to a substantial snow just so I can watch it through the window from the comfort of my recliner. I might venture outside if the grand kids are down and build a snow man or even a snow fort, knowing that when our cheeks begin to sting and our fingers are numb we can go inside for hot cocoa and watch movies while we thaw. I am so grateful for retirement.


lucylocket said...

It's so nice when our perspectives change with our circumstances.

Clarence said...

I sit in my warm, cozy home and listen to the horror stories about those stuck out there on the super-slabs with all that cold, ice and snow and look up toward heaven and thank God that I DO NOT have to get out there and suffer with them anymore. MY! What a wonderful blessing retirement is.