Friday, November 11, 2005

what I'm reading now

This is an interesting book that claims the idea that oil as a "fossil fuel" has never been scientifically proven. The authors share theories of other scientists that state oil is not the result of decomposing dinosaurs, and plant life, in fact it is abiotic. Last year researchers created methane from exerting extreme pressure on iron oxide, calcium carbonate, and water. The implications are paradigm shifting. We're not running out of oil? There is a never ending supply? Wow.

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Paul said...

I'm not sure how I discovered your blog, but I am bookmarking it. One of the reasons, is because of Hubbell's trading post. I think I have a photo of the SAME Navajo woman weaving something. I gave her a dollar.

My best friend is a missionary to the Navajo Nation and lives in Window Rock.

And I'll be on Hwy 40 headed to Amarillo for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll see you.