Friday, November 18, 2005

looking back over the week

It's Friday so it's time to look back over this week and survey what I've accomplished. Not that I have a big desire to accomplish anything. I'm perfectly capable of sitting in the porch swing and watching the cars go by. But, I did work on a few projects this week. I cut down a snowball tree that hadn't bloomed in several years and replaced it with two Crepe Myrtles, one on each side of the side walk. I also cut up some limbs that had fallen out of trees around the place, adding to the stack of firewood I'll be hauling up to my daughter's house, soon. They burn wood during the winter.

I also made a frame for the painting my grand daughter, Sami, did for us. I painted it yesterday and today I'll give it another coat and mount the painting this afternoon.

I stained our bathroom door. It was unpainted and after I stained it, I noticed spots where Dorothy's hair spray had marked the door. They were unnoticeable before I stained it, so now I'll have to sand it down and restain it.

Wednesday I reformatted my computer. I was up til midnight on that project, but at least now the old 'puter is running smoother and faster. It's still going to be a few days before I get all the programs reinstalled.

So I haven't spent the whole week lollygagging, although that would have been an equally satisfying pastime.


Anonymous said...

Just a little hint, but we will be buring wood this winter as well.


wally said...

Ok. I won't have much, but we'll split it between you and Kelly.