Friday, November 11, 2005


Today we honor the men who have served our country in the military services. Originally Armistice Day was dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives during WWI, in 1953 it was changed to Veteran's Day to honor all military men and women who served in uniform during all the wars.

Of all the boys from my neighborhood, one died in Vietnam, and another was wounded. A coworker of mine lost a leg there. My military duty was not quite as sacrificial as that of those brave guys, in fact, I was expecting something resembling a John Wayne movie, but my experience was more like a Beetle Bailey cartoon.
I've always thought that military service was good for young men and that the draft should be re-instated. I know it helped me to get away from home and gain confidence and learn what I was capable of accomplishing. But as I've grown older, I see governmental officials who were able to avoid the draft through family or political influence, sending other families' sons to risk death in a war that is losing national support day by day.
The question I've had to ask myself is this: Am I willing to give up my son/daughter for this cause? No, I'm not willing.

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