Sunday, November 06, 2005

yellow jackets

A few weeks ago I discovered an underground yellow jacket nest the hard way. I was mowing the lawn and when I ran over the hole I was stung by one of the little devils defending the nest. I've been searching the web for a way to get rid of the nest and the best advice so far is to simply avoid them and let the cold weather put an end to the nest. It also advised using professional pest controllers because once you spray any kind of insecticide down the hole, you have to run for the house because they will be provoked and ready to retaliate. Then, I found a solution that I'm trying now. Here's what I did. At dusk when most of the wasps had returned to the nest I placed a clear glass bowl over the hole piling shredded leaves around the bold to seal it. (dirt is good too.) The next morning I went out to check the bowl and it looked like I was making popcorn inside the bowl. Hundreds of wasps were trying to get out and a few were outside the bowl trying to get in. Theoretically the wasps don't realize they could dig under the bowl, they just keep flying against the glass. After a few days without water or food they all die. I'll report back in a few days on my success.


Sandie said...

Hi Wally,

I understand that you can pour soapy water in the hole, then you could put your glass bowl over it.
They use the soapy water out here.

Dawn said...

I'll have to keep that in mind for our next nest. the last one we had was in a bush, I sprayed so much bee killer that it killed the bush too!